If you’re interested in having a beautiful lawn and landscape – without spending hours of work on it every weekend – you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is full service lawn care?”

Well, it’s simple. Full service lawn care is the best way that you can enjoy a beautiful, well-maintained lawn and landscaping without any work at all – simply pay a professional service to take care of your lawn, and enjoy the spectacular results of a well-tended landscape.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what full service lawn care providers typically do, so that you can determine whether a full service lawn care provider is the right solution for your landscaping needs.

Debris Removal

When it comes to understanding what is full service lawn care, debris removal is one of the most important elements to understand. Typically, comprehensive debris removal is performed during the early spring.

This is because during the winter, it’s common for detritus and debris like leaves, branches, and even stones to pile up on your lawn – and if this debris remains in place when your grass starts to grow, it can harm its ability to grow healthily after the long, dark winter.

Professional lawn care service providers are debris-removal specialists. They’ll blow away your leaves, pick up sticks and other objects, and make sure that your lawn is spic & span – and ready for the growing season.

Weed Control/Fertilization

Weed Control

Weed control and fertilization are also crucial services. What is full service lawn care worth if your lawn gets overrun with crabgrass, or choked down by other weeds? The best lawn care service providers are specialists at weed control and fertilization, providing a comprehensive coating of both fertilizer and weed control, so that your lawn has the best opportunity to thrive.

Usually, the process begins by identifying problems like crabgrass patches early in the spring. In areas with large numbers of weeds, pre-emergent weed control is usually put down – this will prevent weeds from growing entirely.

The rest of your lawn will usually be treated with a combination fertilizer/weedkiller – usually utilizing a nitrogen-rich compound to nourish plants, and specialized weedkiller compounds that target common weeds such as dandelions and clovers.


What is full service lawn care? Mowing probably comes to mind! Naturally, a healthy lawn needs mowing – and full service lawn care specialists will be happy to take care of your lawn mowing needs. Usually, you can set your own schedule for your residential lawn mowing service – typically, a mowing schedule of between 1-2 weeks is the best, providing ideal length for your grass, and keeping it healthy – while not leaving it too short.


Edging is crucial for a beautiful lawn – there’s nothing else quite like that crisp finish on the side of your lawn, where it meets the pavement. Having lawn edges that are overgrown or untrimmed can make even the nicest lawn look scraggly.

Usually, lawn care services will edge your lawn whenever they mow it, providing you with an all-in-one grass trimming service that will leave your lawn well maintained, beautiful, and happy.

Trimming Bushes And Hedges

Most lawn care services are happy to maintain your bushes and hedges – though sometimes this isn’t offered in “basic” lawn care packages.

If desired, your lawn care service can trim down large bushes into more aesthetically pleasing shapes, and ensure that the growth of your bushes and hedges stays reasonable – and never blocks other elements of your landscaping. This is usually done fairly infrequently – about every month or two throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.

Aerating And Reseeding

Aeration and reseeding are usually performed in the early spring. Both healthy and unhealthy lawns can benefit from aeration and reseeding.

What is full service lawn care aeration, you may ask? Well, it’s simple – aeration uses a specialized machine to pierce the surface of your lawn, and loosen up dirt and clay that’s stuck close together and compacted – if this isn’t done, it can be hard for newly growing grasses to take root in the tough, dense soil.

Reseeding is usually done alongside aeration – the tiny pockets of air provided by aeration provide the perfect places for new grass seed to grow.

Your service provider will distribute new seed generously on areas that are struggling to grow, and they will often protect these sites with straw or hay to keep them warm, wet, and diminishing the erosive effects of rain.

Invest In Full Service Lawn Care – Your Yard Never Looked So Good!

What is full service lawn care? Only the best way to make sure that your landscaping looks its best, all-year round – without lifting a finger.

While some people may love yard work, it’s a chore and a burden for many of us. So if you’re looking to take a more hands-off approach to your yard, a full service lawn care provider may just be the perfect choice for you.

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