We deliver quality snow removal and winter landscape maintenance.




Need snow removal? No problem!

Toss that shovel aside, and call us any time at E-Scapes Landscaping for professional snow plowing services for homes and businesses. We’ll quickly and safely remove ice and snow after a snowfall, protecting your property and landscaping from potential damage.

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Residential & Commercial Plowing

We provide both residential and commercial plowing services throughout the  area. Whether you’re a homeowner, or you own or manage a commercial property, we’ll work with you to make sure snow and ice are removed in a safe and timely manner.

Say Goodbye to Snow & Ice

Our snow plowing and ice treatment services can help keep your property safe and healthy during the cold Virginia winters. To find out more, call us any time.

Ice Treatment

Stop ice before it forms with preemptive ice treatment services.

De-icing treatments can help stop snow and ice from accumulating in areas where they can do damage. We offer ice treatment services for porches, walkways, driveways, and other surfaces. It prevents ice from forming for weeks afterward, and when ice does form, it’s easier to scrape away. When snow starts to fall, applying ice treatment can stop it from piling up over 2”, preventing property damage. We use water-soluble, biodegradable solutions to keep ice and snow at bay during the cold winter months.

Emergency Downed Tree Service & Weather-Related Property Repair

Snowstorms and severe thunderstorms happen in Virginia, and after a weather emergency, you may end up needing weather related property repair.

At E-Scapes Landscaping, we offer emergency repairs after severe winter weather, including emergency down tree service to safely remove trees that fell during the storm. Whether it’s a winter blizzard or severe rainstorm with hurricane force winds, we’ll help you clean up and fix the damage in the wake of a natural disaster.

If a tree falls on your property — a common occurrence after severe weather — you’ll need it removed as soon as possible. At E-Scapes Landscaping, we’re always available for emergency downed tree service. We’ll remove it immediately and help you fix any damage it may have caused as it fell. After we remove it, don’t forget to call your insurance company! Chances are, you’ll be covered for the damage.


We are NOT a get in and get out company. We provide a clean work environment. We are constantly educating ourselves. We build lasting relationships with our clients. We put heart and soul into every job. We promise.


We will always pick up the phone, respond to an email and show up!


Our installation is efficient, professional and second to none. With twelve years of rigorous experience behind us we continue to advance daily in our field, maximizing all the potential we have.


E-Scapes is a licensed and bonded landscaping company. Need proof? Ask us. We're happy to provide documentation.


At E-Scapes our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way, from customer service to finished design. Our standards drive us to facilitate business in an ethical way. We show respect for the planet (using only all natural sprays and fertilizers) our employees and our clients.


E-Scapes thinks about tomorrow, while our competition looks at only today. We want to be the ones you call because you trust us, because you know we will be there for you. We take care of every customer like they’re a VIP client.


Up until I got in touch with John, the forecast of rain used to stress my wife and I out way more than it should. We had drainage issues that were washing out our front yard and our driveway. The same day that we reached out to John, he got right back to us and scheduled a visit to take a look at the problem. About a day later he walked the property with me and talked me through his entire thought process on different solutions... ...I also can't emphasize enough how responsive John has been through this entire process. Emails and calls are responded to almost immediately, and he'll answer any question you have. If he says he'll do something or be somewhere at a certain time, he will absolutely deliver.

You will not regret reaching out to John and his company.

Alex Moody