We deliver quality foundation design for every need & setting.


Foundation plantings are the cornerstone of landscape design.

At E-Scapes Landscaping, our foundation design services blend our botanical expertise with a keen eye for beautiful design, creating aesthetically pleasing vistas on any residential or commercial property.

The area directly surrounding a house or building’s perimeter doesn’t need to be a barren wasteland. Whether you’re planning the landscape of a new custom home, or revitalizing the outdoor area around your business, we can help you bring the area around you, to life.

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Residential and Commercial Foundation Design

At E-Scapes, we offer both residential and commercial foundation design, creating the basis for gorgeous landscapes filled with lush, beautiful plants and trees.


  • We can provide softscaping design and plant beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees that add color and life to your home or business.
  • Gardens at the front of a home or business can camouflage unattractive areas near the base of the building, while complementing its architectural design and integrating it visually into the surrounding landscape.

New Home Foundation Installations

If you’re building a new custom home here in Virginia, its eye-catching architecture and exterior design needs a landscape that complements it.


  • We provide foundation design for newly build homes, blending your pristine new construction in with the surrounding natural environment to create a pleasing gestalt.
  • Lushly planted gardens around the perimeter counter the austerity of brand new and unweathered architecture, adding color and visual interest that makes your new home come alive.

Location-Specific Tree Planting

Trees provide beauty, shade, and atmosphere to a residential or commercial landscape.

At E-Scapes, we provide location specific tree planting services, introducing beautiful and hardy trees that thrive in the northern Virginia climate.

Flowerbeds, Raised Beds & Gardens

Flowerbeds, raised beds, and gardens are great additions to landscape foundation design.

Whether you’re planting flowers to add a splash of color, or incorporating edible vegetables and fruits, we can help you create raised beds and gardens with aesthetic appeal.

Herb & Kitchen Gardens

If you love to cook, why not create an herb or kitchen garden right next to your home?

Colorful flowers aren’t the only residents of residential foundation gardens. From fragrant flavorings like rosemary and basil, to juicy tomatoes and pungent peppers, the possibilities are almost endless for foundation design that tastes as good as it looks.

Revitalize Your Foundation Design

Ready to breathe new life into your home, or plan a beautiful, lasting foundation design for a brand new custom home?

Call us any time at E-Scapes to get started, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch today.


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